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Unitrans Polska has been in business since 1979. Road salt from Unitrans Polska plays a major role in protecting life and keeping Polish roads open in winter season.

Unitrans Polska sales salt all year round with cooperation of Klodawa Salt Mine. We work in partnership with local authorities and private contractors across Poland, to find practical solutions for the local supply, safe storage and spreading of road salt.

In addition to supplying road salt, Unitrans Polska has a number of other associated products and services that have been developed throughout many years of research in close consultation with our Customers to meet their expectations. We provide transport and logistic services across EU.

“Your safety is our success !”


ul. Orla 22
05 - 807 Podkowa Leśna

tel. / fax: +48 22 758 92 90
tel. mobile: +48 605 25 24 25
e-mail: biuro @

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